Leveraging the power of mobile technology
Mobile giving combines smartphone technology and fundraising with complete ease of use, no downloadable links or apps to install. As simple as texting your chosen keyword to a short code number, donors can give on the spot! Upgrade your fundraising efforts by leveraging the newest of giving technologies at your next event or campaign!

Step 1:

Choose your keyword

Choose any available keyword(s) for any of your campaigns or event, we will automatically make the magic happen in the background!

Step 2:

Connect your mobile fundraiser

Using an existing donation form or event, choose what you want your donor to see when they text the mobile number.

Step 3:

Tell everyone to text your keyword

Spread the love! Whether you voice it at an event, include it in your marketing newsletters or make it go viral on social media, enjoy the quickest way to collect donations!

Fastest way to raise funds

No more paper forms, no more collection baskets and no need to run to a computer! All you need is your mobile phone and a quick text and VOILA!

Engage new donors

Address your whole crowd whether it be at an event gala or virtually through a social media post gone viral! The one-to-many approach allows you to get the most outreach without having to address everyone the old one-on-one way.

Simple in its simplest form

No tech background needed, no computer needed and no waiting needed, strike while the iron is hot! Allow your donors to donate on the spot in the quickest and simplest form, in the way they know and like!


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